Vortex F5 Air Filter Water Trap Kit w/Holster


Protect your Vortex carver with clean dry air with this integrated Holster and Air Filter Water Trap. The AFWT-KIT is a combination Vortex F5 Holster/Air Filter Water Trap that removes dirt and debris larger than 40 microns while removing condensed water. The Holster holds your Vortex F5 carver in a vertical position for quick access. No need to remove your bur!

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Vortex F5 Air Filter Water Trap Kit w/Holster

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Air Filter Water Trap Kit

The AFWT-KIT is designed for use on your workbench or table top. Clean dry air is a must for improving the life of your turbine bearings. This Kit has a built-in 40 micron air filter with a water trap for supplying clean dry air to your Vortex F5 carver. For best results, have at least 10 feet of hose between your air compressor and this filter (12 feet is included with this kit!). This will ensure the hot compressed air has cooled enough by the time it reaches the air filter water trap. Condensed water vapor is now liquid and easily collected by the trap. It drains automatically into the stand as soon as you turn the carver off making this a hassle-free water trap kit. 

Your air compressor connects to the “IN” port and the Vortex F5 to the “OUT” port. *If you have a speed control foot pedal, connect hose between the foot pedal “OUT” hose barb to the “IN” hose barb on the Air Filter Water Trap.


  • 1 Removable Air Filter Water Trap
  • 2 Brass Hose Barbs
  • Air Filter Water Trap Housing
  • 1 Vortex F5 Holster
  • 12 Feet Clear Air Hose
  • 1 Hose Splicer


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