Vortex F5 Turbine


Vortex F5 Turbine – Includes new spindle/collet, preload washer, pressure plate, 24 vane impeller, ABEC-9 rated ceramic ball bearings – both front and rear flange bearing assemblies use radial contact and are shielded for dust & debris protection, permanently lubricated ‐ never needs oil or cleaner, and bearing o-rings. There are two options:

YES: Send your nosecone/turbine assembly to us, we will ultrasonically clean your nosecone and manifold, assemble your new turbine with the same gap spacing as you old turbine to insure a correct fit,  install new o-rings, pressure plate and preload washer at no extra charge.

NO: You will receive a brand new turbine and you will need to assemble it into your existing nosecone and manifold after thoroughly cleaning them.

If send your nosecone to us, use this address below. Include a copy of your order. Pack your nosecone well. Insurance and Tracking are recommended. Questions?

Unbridled LLC
203 Mission Ave Ste 201
Cashmere, WA 98815

Vortex F5 Turbine

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