Amazing Sculpt – 2 Part Sculpting Clay, Self Hardening


Amazing Sculpt™ is a smooth sculpting clay with the strength of epoxy! Developed by a professional equine sculptor to capture and hold fine details. Small size Amazing Sculpt particles are key to precision shaping and tooling at any angle. Average working time is 1 hour, fully cures to a beautiful frost white color in 24 hours. Enhance detail with included Smoothing Solution to add texture and feathering.

Comes in 3 sizes: ¼ lb, 1 lb, 2.2 lbs (1Kg).

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Amazing Sculpt 2.2 lbs (1Kg)
Amazing Sculpt – 2 Part Sculpting Clay, Self Hardening

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Amazing Sculpt™ is a smooth sculpting clay with the strength of epoxy! Amazing Sculpt’s density is a measure of its quality and purity. This dense 2-part clay is formulated with small sized particles to capture fine detail while modeling and sculpting. Add your talent and Amazing Sculpt will capture your modeling and sculpting details with better control. The viscosity is soft and easy to knead and requires no firing, it self-cures at room temperature. Working time is 1 hour and cures rock hard in 24 hours. Amazing Sculpt cures without flowing and no shrinkage to hold detail. The final cure hardness is approximately 72D providing incredible strength! You can build it up in layers without a seamline and can be feathered to a glass smooth gloss finish. Amazing Sculpt does not flake, chip, crack or peel. It bonds to most plastics, including vinyl and can be painted with acrylics, enamel, oil and pastels. Amazing Sculpt is freeze thaw stable, waterproof, even cures underwater!

Amazing Sculpt kits include:

Amazing Sculpt 1/4 lb
Amazing Sculpt 1 lb

Amazing Sculpt 2.2 lb kit

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Use Amazing Sculpt to:

  • Create Original Sculptures
  • Customize Action Figures & Model Horses
  • Build Models from Armatures
  • Fill into many different kinds of molds
  • Repair & Restore Dolls
  • Fix Ceramic & Porcelain Figurines
  • Taxidermy and Antler Repair
  • Create Complex Dioramas
  • Doll Customization and Repair
  • Create Jewelry
  • Create Rapid Prototypes
  • Filling Gaps

Who should use Amazing Sculpt?​

Amazing Sculpt is a professional ultra fine sculpting clay intended for use by industrial and commercial users and artists, which means it is not for children. Commercial FX Artists, Sculptors,Modelers and Taxidermists will appreciate the many attributes designed into Amazing Sculpt:

  • Very economical considering it is a high performance sculpting clay
  • Incredible dynamic range during working time – from very soft to firm
  • No shrinkage, high strength and waterproof
  • Self-hardening. Simply mix equal parts by volume to use Amazing Sculpt
  • Very easy to knead, even if you have carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Working time is 1 hour depending on room temperature, 24 hour cure
  • Stays soft in the containers for years
  • Will not delaminate from itself or other resin like polyurethanes
  • Does not flake, chip, crack or peel. Very useful when using rotary tools.
  • Easy clean-up with Amazing Smoothing Solution
  • Add dry pigment powder for other colors
  • Can be painted with acrylic, enamel, oil, pastels
  • Able to build upon itself in layers without a seamline
  • Viscosity is just right to reduce drooping during the working time
  • Holds fine details during cure, won’t flow
  • Very Adhesive after initial mix, a must when doing repairs
  • Bonds to most plastics including Vinyl
  • Cured hardness is that of most polyurethane resins
  • Extended shelf life. Stays soft in containers even at -20 F.
  • Freeze/Thaw stable.


Question: A common question we get is “Can Amazing Sculpt be used in place of Magic Sculpt, Free Form® or Apoxie® Sculpt?”

Answer: Yes, while the formulations of these competitive products differ, they can generally be interchanged with Amazing Sculpt.

Free Form is a registered trademark of Smooth-On, Inc. Apoxie is a registered trademark of David G Brummel. Amazing Sculpt is formulated by Unbridled LLC and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Smooth-On, Inc. or Aves Studio LLC.


Wear gloved and knead together thoroughly equal parts of Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) by volume, not weight. Continue kneading until color is uniform. Working time is approximately 1 hour, depending on room temperature (warmer less time, cooler more time). Fully cured in 24 hours. Use Smoothing Solution™ to enhance detail, feathering and smoothing to a gloss finish.
P102-Keep out of reach of children. P103-Read label before use. P261-Avoid breathing dust. P264-Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after handling. P280-Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. P281-Use personal protective equipment as required. P233-Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Warning: H315 Causes skin irritation. H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction. H320 Causes eye irritation.

Amazing Sculpt™ is a trademark of Unbridled, LLC.

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


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