Ultimate Bur Set – Sampler of 30 Burs


This Ultimate Bur Set is a sampler of 30 different burs. This set includes the essential Carbides, Diamonds, Green Stones and White Stones.

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Ultimate Bur Set - Sampler of 30 Burs!

This Ultimate Bur Set contains is a sampler of our most popular burs. In total, you get 30 different burs. This set includes the essential Carbides, Diamonds, Green Stones, and White Stones. Look at these specs:

Carbide Bur specs:

  • CNC precision manufacturing produces a top quality bur that exceeds industry standards for quality and precision
  • Highest quality raw materials: One-piece, fine-grain tungsten carbide design ground to the shape resulting in zero vibration, superior durability, optimal cutting efficiency
  • Ability to withstand repeated abuse
  • The most concentric bur ever produced – consistent in size resulting in less chatter, superior control, efficient cutting and finishing

Diamond Bur specs:

  • The diamond bur surface is very homogenized using special Hexagonal Boron Nitride HBN plating
  • A mix of high quality natural diamond grits reduces carving time
  • Stainless steel, Swiss made blanks are 1 piece, all hardened and ground for maximum precision

To keep you organized so you don’t misplace your burs, we’re including an anodized aluminum bur holder for FREE, a $19.95 value! This shiny anodized aluminum case is sturdy and has a hinged, flip top lid so you won’t accidentally lose burs.

Bur Holder Layout:

Back Row - Carbide

Middle Row - Diamond

Front Row - Finishing


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