Vortex F5 Bearing Service


Vortex F5 Turbine Bearing Service – Three Options:

  1. Bearing Only Service: Your Vortex F5 nosecone and components (manifold, impeller, spindle,pressure plate) will be Ultrasonically cleaned, New shielded front and rear ABEC-9 ceramic lube-free contact bearings installed, new pre-load washer and pressure plate if needed, and new o-rings.
  2. Bearing Type: Radial bearings are the most common if you are hold the Vortex F5 carver on an angle. If you are doing stippling or hold the carver perpendicular to your work, choose Angular bearings because they are more robust and designed for axial and side loading.
  3. Bearing & Power Upgrade: Same service as Option 1 with added “Power Upgrade.” Your nosecone manifold will be ported to allow more air flow through the turbine. This increased the power of your tool. This effectively turns a standard Vortex F5 into a Vortex F5+ Plus.

When you purchase this service, print a copy of your receipt and include it when you send your Vortex F5 in for repair. When we receive your Vortex F5, it will be serviced and returned within a 1 week. Please note, your Vortex F5 must be received withing 30 days of placing a service order.

Send your tool to this address below. Pack your tool well. Insurance and Tracking are recommended. Questions?

Unbridled LLC
203 Mission Ave Ste 201
Cashmere, WA 98815

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