24 Hole Bur Holder
$8.95   $6.95

Organize your burs with this 24 holes high quality plastic bur holder. Designed to hold standard FG type burs or any bur with a 1/16 inch (1.6mm) diameter shaft. Colors vary.


30 Hole Aluminun Bur Holder
$19.95   $14.95

These 30 hole aluminum bur holders are designed to hold standard FG type burs or any bur with a 1/16 inch (1.6mm) diameter shaft. Anodized colors vary (gold shown in photo.)


Clear air hose plastic tubing. Used to give you extra length between your Powercarver and air compressor. Accepts 1/8 inch hose barbs.

Minimum quantity for "Air Hose Clear Tubing, only $0.95 per foot!" is 10.

Brass Hose Barb Splicer
$5.95   $4.95

This brass hose barb splicer allows you to connect two air hoses together by pushing the hose on to the barb. The splicer is designed for air hose with 1/8 inch inside diameter, like the hose that comes with the Powercarver and extra length of hose in this section. This splicer is all brass construction, will not rust or corrode. Precision machined to high quality standards.


Keeps diamond and stone cutters clean to maximize life. At normal hand piece cutting speed, cut into the cleaning stone for approximately two seconds. This removes debris from the diamond and stone burs and restores the cutting edges of diamond particles. For best results, moisten cleaning stone to clean more efficiently.


Female Brass Industrial Plug 1/4 NPT. Makes it easy to connect your air hose to your air compressor. If you have our CAT-1601a air compressor with a quick release, get this matching part. It makes your air connections a snap!


4" Magnetic Polished Stainless Steel Bur Tray. Stop losing burs! Put all your burs into the magnetic bur tray and pick and choose the ones you need for your project.


Male Brass Hose Barb 1/4 NPT. Push on to 1/8 to 3/16 inch inside diameter hose. Threads are 1/4 NPT. Connect to your air compressor or filter and air hose.


This combination air filter and water trap removes dirt & debris larger than 5 microns and helps catch condensed water. A must for improving the life of your turbine bearings. For best use, have at least 10 feet of hose between your air compress and this air filter/water trap. This will ensure the air has cooled and the water vapor has condensed where it can be collected by the water trap. Easy to connect. Your air compressor connects to the "IN" port and the Powercarver hose barb connect to the "OUT" port. When water collected is about 1/2 full in the clear bowl, open the release valve to drain the water. Remember to order 2 brass hose barbs to connect your air hose. The hose barbs are 1/4 NPT and push onto 1/8 inch inside diameter hose.

To Order, Call 1-888-643-9423

This is the attachment every engraver needs to add to their system. SCM has designed a router attachment to give you complete control over the depth at which you are engraving. Simply place it onto the end of the PowerCarver and never worry about going to deep into your surface. This router base allows you to lock down the router at any desired depth with its set screws and also provides clear visibility with its two side view ports. Its perfect for doing inlay work, lettering, and borders. This will add an entire new dimension to your engraving!

Vary the speed of your carver hands-free! This variable speed foot control pedal is a must have! It allows you to change the speed seamlessly with an easy to press foot pedal, leaving your hands free to hold the tool and your work simultaneously without interruptions from fumbling with hand controls. From off to full speed and everything in between, you'll be amazed how often you change your carving speed from moment to moment. With just a little change in foot pressure, you can change the speed to carve critically fine details or press down for fast carving. This foot pedal connects into your air hose to control the speed of your carver and comes with two brass hose barbs for easy hook-up. Just push your air hose onto the barbs and you have instant speed control. Your carving tool is off until you apply foot pressure to the pedal. The more you push the pedal, the faster your carver turns. The foot pedal uses an actual control valve connected to a long throw pedal to vary the air flow, unlike other foot pedals that pinch the air hose and can cause leaks and foot fatigue. Once you use a foot pedal like this, you'll wonder how you ever carved without it. This foot pedal is industrial grade and will last a lifetime.


Stencil and Transfer Film
$1.50   $0.99

The stencil film is the secret behind making beautiful artwork. Simply copy the artwork from the internet, magazines, books onto the stencil film with any scanner/printer.

Stencil film has unique self adhesive film can be imaged on with a copier or printer. The image can then be cut out and applied to most surfaces by peeling off the backing. Use your Powercarver to trace the image resulting in a transfer of the image to your artwork.

Stencil film consists of a thin top film made from coated polyester film. The film is extremely tough considering its thinness. The top coating is specially formulated to allow toner and ink from your printer to adhere. You can also draw on the surface with pen or pencil.

Sheet size is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, only 1 mil thick, yet very tough. The film has a clear matte finish with a peel-off adhesive backing. Set your ink jet printer to "Draft", "Fast Print" or "Glossy Photo Paper". Sold in sheets of 5.

Minimum quantity for "Stencil and Transfer Film" is 5.