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PowerCarver 400K Now Only $299.00!!!
Revolutionary New Sealed Turbine Designed
(This is the one most people get. Checkout the free accessories. Ships fully insured by Priority Mail or FedEx.)
Includes everything to hookup to your air compressor. Be carving in under 5 minutes !


What's Included

  • PowerCarver 400K
  • Dual Impeller 12 Vane (Sealed) Turbine with Phenolic bearing retainers
  • On/Off Switch
  • Air Compressor Hose
  • 1/4" Hose Barb
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • SCM 5 Bur Sampler
  • Practice Stencil Film
  • Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program
  • Operation Manual
  • 1 Year Protection Plan

SculptingStudio Free Add-Ons!

  • Variable Speed Air ValveVariable Speed Air Valve controls the speed of your tool. Simply turn the knob to your desired speed from shut off to full speed and everything in between. Can only be used with diaphragm compressors or compressors that have a tank. $4.95 FREE!
  • Magnetic Polished Stainless Steel Bur Tray4" Magnetic Polished Stainless Steel Bur Tray. Stop losing burs! Put all of your burs into the magnetic bur tray and pick and choose the ones you need for your project. (Burs not included.) $4.95 FREE!
  • Cleaning StoneCleaning Stone keeps diamond and stone cutters clean to maximize life. $6.95 FREE!
  • Extra Hose10 feet of extra air compressor hose. Extra hose length gives you the freedom to move around or locate your compressor into a different room. $9.50 FREE!

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Read over the information below and see if the PowerCarver is right for you. The PowerCarver goes way beyond electric powered tools like Dremel or plastic turbine carvers. Isn't time you consider using a professional carving tool to get the best results possible for your artistic talent? Yes, it costs more than the cheaper made electric rotary tools, but the PowerCarver is a well built, high speed engraver designed for professional use. You will discover the second you place it into your hand that this is quality built tool. Debbi LerMond, professional equine sculptor, uses the PowerCarver daily for creating her equine art that can be seen at www.HorseModels.com. Want to know more about what can be done with a PowerCarver? Sure you do. Give Debbi a call in the SculptingStudio at 1-888-643-9423 and tell her you "want more information about the PowerCarver". Also, ask her about the burs best to use for your work. She can help you sort it all out. So give Debbi a call.

Generations Ahead of It's Time

The PowerCarver is the product of years of intensive research and development, the revolutionary PowerCarver engraver is the most advanced handpiece on the market today!

Utilizing the contemporary science of ergonomics to fit your hand with maximum ease and a vibration-free operation, the PowerCarver is specifically designed for hours of the most comfortable operation possible!

The PowerCarver engraver is manufactured by SCM Systems, Inc using the highest quality materials available under the most exacting standards of quality control, unsurpassed by any other engraving system.

Research Pays Off

Although you only apply a small amount of pressure when engraving, it’s that pressure which eventually wears out on any handpiece. The PowerCarver engraver, with its unique dual-bearing design, provides much greater internal support for engraving pressure. That means you get longer life with trouble-free service.

Feel The Control

The PowerCarver delivers maximum control and cutting ability whether you’re making the final cut on a custom car window or completing a detailed egg shell, the PowerCarver high-speed 400,000 rpm handpiece gives you a smooth and controlled cut, through the entire operating range.

Lube For Life Bearing

With the PowerCarver Lube For Life Bearing construction, there is no longer a need for the old style, messy, in-line mist fog oiler. SCM is the founder of this type of bearing construction.

Features & Benefits

The most technologically advanced handpiece on the market today, the revolutionary PowerCarver operates at an amazing 400,000 revolutions per minute - yet, it's light and easy to handle! Featuring an ultra-high-speed turbine and dual support bearings, it provides high-torque steady vibration-free action unmatched by any competitive handpiece. And it's quality-backed by the best protection plan in the business. It sets up in minutes, too: simply connect a few hoses, plug in the compressor, insert the preferred bit and you're in business. The PowerCarver comes with a 1 year SculptingStudio Protection Plan.


  • Ultra High Speed
  • 400,000 RPM
  • No Vibration
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Self Lubricating
  • Quiet Operation
  • Dust Buster (exhaust jets)
  • No Oiling
  • Run on Air, Nitrogen or CO2
  • 1 Year Sculpting Studio Protection Plan

What's Included

  • PowerCarver
  • Dual ImpellerTurbine with Phenolic bearing retainers
  • On/Off Switch
  • Air Compressor Hose
  • 1/4" Hose Barb
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • SCM 5 Bur Sampler
  • Practice Stencil Film
  • Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program
  • Operation Manual

SculptingStudio Add-Ons $26.35 FREE!

  • Variable Speed Air Valve controls the speed of your tool. Simply turn the knob to your desired speed from shut off to full speed and everything in between. Can be used with diaphragm compressor or one with a tank.
  • 4" Magnetic Polished Stainless Steel Bur Tray. Stop losing burs! Put all of your burs into the magnetic bur tray and pick and choose the ones you need for your project.
  • Cleaning Stone. Keeps diamond and stone cutters clean to maximize life. At normal hand piece cutting speed, cut into the cleaning stone for approximately two seconds. This removes debris from the diamond and stone burs and restores the cutting edges of diamond particles.
  • 10 feet of extra air compressor hose. Extra hose length gives you the freedom to move around or locate your compressor into a different room.

PowerCarver 400K complete kit

The 5 bur sampler contains (subject to change) DR12M Diamond Round (2), DR22M Diamond Round (17), FG2 Carbide Round (28), FG332 Carbide Pear (15), FG699 Carbide Taper (16). The number in parentheses is the SCM part number for reference.

How Fast is Fast Enough?

The PowerCarver operates at an air pressure of 45 PSI (pounds per square inch). At this pressure the PowerCarver will rotate at an amazing 400,000 RPM or nearly 7,000 revolutions in one second! Why not go faster? Isn't faster better? Not necessarily, for two reasons. First, the impellers on the turbine are designed to capture a massive amount of air with little blow-by. This means nearly all of the air is converted into torque. Think of torque as "turning power". Torque is the power delivered to the bur, the actual cutter. (See the photos below to compare the PowerCarver turbine to the Powercrafter and Turbocarver.) The second and the most important reason is the bur's maximum RPM rating. Most burs are only designed for rotational speeds of around 400,000 RPM. It is this reason you should never exceed the pressure of 45 PSI. Be safe, stay at 400,000 RPM.

What kind of Air Compressor do I need?

AC09 Quiet Air CompressorCompressors come in many different types, but there are two requirements which must be met to power the PowerCarver. First off, the pressure needs to be 45 PSI (pounds per square inch). Secondly, the volume of air needs to be rated at 1.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute). We are asked very often if an air brush compressor will work? The answer is no because they do not meet the 1.5 CFM at 45 PSI requirement. There are cheap compressors available at Sears and Home Depot, but they are extremely loud requiring ear protection. We've seen air compressors pushing 130db! The air compressor shown here is the one which we carry. It is very quiet at 60db and is an oil-less air compressor which uses a dual-piston pump for high performance and durability. Our air compressor is designed to provide 45psi of smooth and consistent airflow to your PowerCarver. The 1.6 gallon aluminum tank is rust resistant and helps to remove condensation before it enters your air hose going to your PowerCarver, see our air compressor. Please Note, the air compressor is optional and not included with the tool.

Free SculptingStudio Protection Plan

We want our customers to have the best experience with their new carver, so we provide a 1 year 100% repair or replacement protection plan. If your carver stops working from 1 year after the date of purchase, call or email us and we will repair or replace your original PowerCarver at no cost to you. This protection plan does not apply to negligence, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or alterations made to tool.


Debbi LerMond, Professional Equine Sculptor

I have been using electric and pneumatic mini die grinders and high speed carving tools for over thirty years now. I started many years ago with Dremel, Ryobi and Foredom electric carvers and shortly graduated to pneumatic mini grinders since I was carving on my bronze sculptures at the time. In the year 2000, I was introduced to vibrationless carvers and quickly purchased what I thought was the best tool for me at that time (as I now suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS) which was the Turbo Carver. I used this brand of tool for three years, but I went through about 5 of them because they kept dying. After using the Turbo Carver for this amount of time, I got tired of the poor performance and reliability issues and started looking for a better tool.

I found a high speed tool called the Powercrafter and quickly bought one from one of company distributors in California. The guy sent me a handpiece with nothing else that he promised to send. Since I had no instructions for it, I didn't oil it properly and the tool seized up. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me back a new tool. I used the Powercrafter for seven years, but always had trouble getting parts from the company. Last week I was at wits ends waiting two months for a turbine replacement kit and decided to look for another high speed carving tool. I checked out the Power Carver. When I got the tool, I was astounded to find a beautifully precision machined high speed carver that actually WAS vibrationless! I couldn't even detect the bur going around, it was so still. It felt good in my hands and had more power using less air from my compressor than I was previously used to. I wondered to myself, why had I missed this tool? I also thought what could I have done if I had this tool years ago? Well, better late than never I always say, as I feel that I have come home now and am a happy sculptor again!

The Choices, The Competition

There are several choices when it come to selecting a high speed carver. So how do you decide which one to purchase? Start with the bur, the actual part that is the same for all the tools. The speed of the tool should match the bur, so your first criterion should be using an engraver which spins 400,000 RPM as we talked about above. Sure, there are other slower tools in the 300,000 - 360,000 RPM range, but when the bur is in contact with your work, it slows down. It makes no sense to start off with a slow tool and that runs even slower when carving! So stay at 400,000 RPM speed. The second criteria is the power output. A very simple way to determine a tool's power is by looking at the air pressure required to run them.

Two tools that can be removed from our list of possible contenders for artwork are the NSK Presto and Shofu Lab Air-Z. Both require air pressure in the low to mid 30's PSI.

  • The NSK Nakanishi Inc, Presto is a grinder designed for processing small precision parts, ceramic and correction of printed circuit boards. The Presto requires 35 PSI producing 320,000 RPM.
  • The Shofu Lab Air-Z is a handpiece designed for the lab for fast, easy cutting of anatomy of porcelain and alloys in the dental industry. The Lab Air-Z requires 31-36 PSI producing up to 360,000 RPMs.


This leave only three contenders designed for art:


Besides the PowerCarver, there are two other well known 400,000 RPM high speed carvers on the market. Powercrafter by Cirrus Innovations and Turbocarver by High Speed Carving and Engraving Products, LLC. To help you make an informed decision, we have included photos of all three tools below so you can see for yourself. The tools were evaluated for "Form, fit and function", (their physical, functional, and performance characteristics).

Full disclosure, we the SculptingStudio have sold Turbocarvers and Powercrafters for many years, but elected to discontinue their product lines. We discontinued selling the Turbocarver brand due to poor reliability. We discontinued selling the Powercrafter brand due to slow shipping and availability of turbine/bearing replacement parts.

  1. PowerCarver
  2. Powercrafter
  3. Turbocarver II

Summary of Tools

Turbocarver, Turbocarver II and Turbo Carver

The Turbocarver weights in at 14 grams. We consider this to be a "hobby grade" plastic turbine tool. First thing we noticed was how loud it is (consider ear protection). Since the turbine is so small, it slows down considerably from the rated 400,000 RPM once the bur makes contact with the work surface. This is due to the low torque of 690 gcm - 3.0 Ncm thus produces a slow angulary velocity (rotational speed) of 180,000 to 300,000 rpm under load. Torque and speed measurements are from the Turbocarver website (Sept 16th, 2014). A firm grip is required to control the Turbocarver because it is so lightweight and small. When a bur grabs your work, it might want to "walk" along the work surface during tooling if a very firm grip is not used. The length of the Turbocarver is quite short requiring almost a pinch-like grip to fit in the average adult's hand. The plunger and hose are right up against the hand in an uncomfortable position as can be seen on the Turbocarver website. Another reason for the pinch-like grip on the Turbocarver is the pinch valve hose near the snout of the handpiece does not allow the user to grip the tool like a normal pen or pencil. Pinching the tool with your thumb and fingers can lead to cramping, numbing fatigue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Because the length of the Turbocarver is so short, the plunger rubbing on the side of the user's skin can actually cause callouses to form. As a former Turbocarver user, these results were experienced first hand. The current length does not fit a normal adult hand well. Looking at the photo above of the Turbocarver, you can see how the air hose loops away and back towards the front of the tool. This causes all kinds of problems when trying to see your work and it makes it very difficult to get into tight places. The hose just gets in the way. We had many customers telling us about black material coming out of the tool and others returning their tools to us for refunds because their Turbocarvers would stop turning, sometimes in less than an hour after the initial set up. A review of their patented 6,146,137 (click to view) talks about the plastic injection molding process to make the tool and the internal molded plastic turbine impeller, it also indicates the PVC pinch anti-contamination device is used for oiling the tool. Here is what the patent says "In the present invention, an aerosol lubricator, similar to WD40 is used by squeezing an exhaust port with the fingers to make the tubing round and then inserting the aerosol tip into the exhaust stack while pressing the plunger once (the WD40 plunger). This applies a metered amount of lubrication directly into the turbine bearings, saturating them." Yet, the Turbocarver website says "Lube Free - No Oil Required" (Sept 16th, 2014). Could this be why the tool stopped turning because their ABEC scale 7 bearings were starved for oil? Note about Turbocarver bearings: the ABEC rating they use does not specify many other critical factors, such as smoothness of the rolling contact surfaces, ball precision, and material quality. Our conclusion for the tool's poor reliability was due to the ABS plastic construction and unlubricated small paddle wheel turbine and ABEC 7 bearing assembly. The black material was caused by the turbine/bearing assembly making contact with the plastic housing (see wear damage in photo). This black plastic dust is circulated in the housing and easily finds its way into the bearings causing the tool to eventually stop. The Turbocarver comes with a surprisingly short 6 month warranty. Exceedingly expensive MSRP $294.98 for a plastic tool. Price for the TS550 Turbocarver was checked on (Sept 16th, 2014). SCORE: Form=1, Fit=1, Function=2, Total=4.

Powercrafter or Paragrave or Power Pen

The Powercrafter varies in weight from 60 grams to 86 grams. We are not sure why the weight varies, but they say they are made out of stainless steel and a magnet did stick to the side of tool. So we are not sure about the quality of stainless steel alloy they are using. Powercrafter is also relabeled as the Power Pen from Paragrave a/k/a Paragraphics. Both companies use the same addresses and email contact. The Powercrafter comes with a 1 year SculptingStudio protection plan. Although the tool comes in two versions, the Polyimide bearing retainers for up to 400,000 RPM or the Phenolic bearing retainers for up to 500,000 RPM, we are only compairing the Polyimide (PI) version because the Phenolic (PH) version is rated at 500,000 RPM. We did not notice any difference in performance or speed between the 400,000 RPM and the 500,000 RPM models from Powercrafter. We never measured the actual RPM of these tools, but we couldn't tell the difference. Powercrafter also said the Phenolic bearing retainers last 20% longer. We didn't notice the 20% during actual carving. We only offered both for sale because the company offered both. (see above for maximum bur/cutter RPM.) Our main concern with the Powercrafter was delays in getting parts and tools. The turbine has real impellers larger than the Turbocarver, but smaller than the PowerCarver. There is wasted area around the turbine for blow-by, but the tool works reasonably well. The bearings on either side of the turbine are directly exposed to compressed air contamination. This requires more frequent oiling (about every 20-30 minutes) because the compressed air is blowing oil out of the bearings. A better approach would have been to place the turbine on the end near exhaust port and the bearings near the bur port. This would reduce the compressed air blowing the oil out of the bearings. Difficulty comes when you need to replace the worn out turbine. As shown in the photo, a 6mm wrench is required to remove the tip coverplate. You need jewelers needle nose pliers to remove the turbine/bearing assembly from the housing. The wavy washers are incredibly small and if you are not careful, you will lose them easily. The turbine will not work properly without them. Reassembly requires careful attention NOT to cross thread the tip coverplate. MSRP $349.00. SCORE: Form=4, Fit=3, Function=4, Total=11. Since the Powercrafter company is out of business, owners of this tool needing replacement turbines can be found in our accessories section.


The PowerCarver is a well machined professional 400,000 RPM tool. It feels good and the weight of 94 grams provides excellent control via tactile and sensory feedback using only a light grip. This is especially important when using inverted cone burs and serrated carbide cutters. The dual turbine impellers and bearing assembly was specifically designed and manufactured to work in this tool. By having a larger impeller, more air is converted into torque. This means you have more cutting power at a sustainable higher RPM than other tools. In order to get that torque, you need to have a high to lower pressure differential. The high pressure is easy because the compressor supplies this. The low pressure is a little harder. The low pressure is created by the exhaust port. Again, look at the photos where the turbine/bearing assembly is inserted. See the large hole machined inside and in the back. This gets the air out of the turbine chamber and into the housing. Now look at the photo showing the back of the tool. A large, unrestricted exhaust port is used to create the lowest pressure possible. What it all means is quiet power! Moving on, we were pleasantly surprised to find out the tool uses Phenolic in the bearing assembly. From the photos, you can see how the entire bearing assembly is encased in a metal housing. Only the impellers and bur port are exposed. This not only prevents contamination, but replacing the turbine/bearing assembly is a simple 15 second process requiring NO TOOLS! It is important to note that the bearing assembly is encased in its own housing, the compressed air powering the turbine does not need to pass over the bearings. This extends bearing life by keeping contamination out. The PowerCarver body is made from non-magnetic nickel plated brass, a real treat since craftsmanship on this order is rarely seen nowadays. This quality tool is made in the USA and comes with a 1 year SculptingStudio Protection Plan. MSRP $425.35, Our Introductory Price $299.00 including the Free Accessories! SCORE: Form=5, Fit=4, Function=5, Total=14.

Special Trade-in Offer for Owners of Dead or Dying Turbo Carvers

We have heard from so many artists who purchased a Turbo Carver only to be frustrated a short time later. If your Turbo Carver Warranty has expired and you now find yourself reading this because you are looking for a professional tool, we can help you out a little. If you have a dead or dying Turbo Carver, we'll give you $15 cash back with the purchase of a PowerCarver 400K. Here's how it works. Purchase a PowerCarver 400K from us and let us know you want the trade-in cash back offer for your dead or dying Turbo Carver by calling us or writing us in the notes section during checkout. We'll send you a USPS Postage Paid Priority Mail box with your new PowerCarver 400K for you to return your dead or dying Turbo Carver handpiece to us along with the inline foot control, air filter and air hose. Upon receipt, we'll credit your credit card or PayPal account with $15. There is a strict limit of one Turbo Carver trade-in allowance per purchase of a PowerCarver 400K. This means if you send us more than one Turbo Carver, you will only receive $15 cash back. This offer is only available in the United States and we must receive your dead or dying Turbo Carver handpiece, inline foot control, air filter and air hose within two weeks of receipt of your PowerCarver 400K.

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Stencil Film Usage (stencil-film.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]

TurboCarver Patent requires oil (6146137_TurboCarver.pdf, 72 Kb) [Download]

This is one sweet machine,smooth,great control with burrs. I use mine for wood carving. It's da bomb.